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Vertical Software's roots begin in 1983. A manager at a river elevator in Pekin, Illinois was looking for a better way to account for grain deliveries, settlements and shipments. This man's desire for a faster and more efficient way of doing business is how Vertical Software got started.

A group of individuals known for their computer skills were assembled to develop a product. It wasn't long before management realized that to be successful, more experience was needed from the grain industry. Soon experts from all segments of the grain industry were added. From this group of individuals representing both the computer and grain industry came "GrainTrac",the Standard of Excellence for Grain Accounting Software. GrainTrac is the only grain accounting software designed, developed and supported by experts from the grain industry.
As systems were sold and installed, every new user requested enhancements. Vertical Software chose to modify GrainTrac, rather than require that users modify their accounting methods. As enhancements were added, GrainTrac became more flexible and adaptable to a wider segment of the grain industry.

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